What’s Feeding You?

Anything that feeds you controls you!

The enemy is always presenting things before us, and unknowingly sometimes we fall prey into his schemes and distractions.

The key is to: 

  • 1. Be aware of the things you allow to enter your soul through your eye and ear gate.
  • 2. Spend time reading and meditating on the word of God.
  • 3. Take time to pray, even about what we consider to be a small matter. It is usually on the small things that the enemy trips us up.
  • 4. Use wisdom. If you are not sure, ask the Lord and seek Godly counsel.

In Proverbs 4: 11-13 (NKJV) Solomon speaks to his son, “I have taught you in the way of wisdom; I have led you in right paths. 12When you walk, your steps will not be hindered, And when you run, you will not stumble. 13Take firm hold of instruction, do not let go; Keep her, for she is your life.”

I have been thinking and pondering about many things that are happening around the country and I ask myself sometimes why am I not moved to respond the way others have?

My whole life, I have heard my dad telling my brothers and me, when it comes to government and politics, never asked what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. I never realized how important this statement was until I was much older.

Growing up we were not rich, but I wouldn’t say we were poor either because we always had what we needed and never went to bed hungry unless we chose to (that was usually me because I always wanted junk to eat).  One thing I can say that I really questioned about my father was, how is it that whenever there was a crisis in the community he would know just the right person to go to seeking help for those in need? For instance, I remember in 1988 after Hurricane Gilbert devastated Jamaica and our community was hit hard, he knew who to talk with so his friends and others could get assistance from the government, but he himself though half our house was destroyed by the hurricane never asked for assistance. In the grand scheme of things, I thought my daddy was a fool for not getting help when it was available to him.

The last couple of days I have thought about a lot of the things he has taught me about politics and government and it dawned on me, “anything that feeds you controls you.” This is so true in many aspects of our lives.

Our belief system is fed by the things we see and hear. What we see and hear dictates our behavior, and our behavior forms the patterns for our life.  Therefore, it is vital for us to be cognizant of what we allow to feed us. We can feed on things that bring life (positive production and progress) or produce death (hinder growth and destruction).  What we need to understand is this, anything that does not produce life is a hindrance to growth and produces death.

Now with this knowledge, take the time to think about what you are feeding on to see if it is producing life or death within and around you.

It is not God’s desire that any man should perish, therefore He has given us the means to life through Jesus Christ. What are you doing with the life He has given you?

As believers in Jesus, we are agents of change, we are given the power to produce life even in the midst of death and destruction. It is up to us however, to use the power God has given us in a way that will bring glory to Him, rather than being an agent of death.

I leave you with the words of the Apostle Paul as he admonishes Titus; we are to remain steady in every situation, endure suffering, do the work that a proclaimer of the Good News should, and do everything your service to God requires. 2 Timothy 4:5 (CJB).  

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