I highly recommend “Overcome to Fulfill Your Purpose-Become Successfully You!!” It Will make a great Christmas gift to someone very special in your life. It’s a keeper. Get yours today, don’t delay. It’s also available on kindle. 


Book Review

Overcome to fulfill your purpose, “Become Successfully You” Written by Miss Natalee Henry. 
I found “Overcome to fulfill your purpose” very informative and as it dove into scripture, I found it to be God’s truth.  When I first read the title and the inscription, “Becoming Successfully you” I thought it was going to tell me how to be successful in my personal business.  Was I in for a surprise?  Once I began to read “Overcome to fulfill your purpose” I found it difficult to put it down.  I identified with some of the issues it addressed, such as relationships, anger, pride, and faith. 
The author’s purpose is to reveal how one can overcome adversities of life and pursue and fulfill their purpose that God created us for. I feel that many Christians misunderstand the true meaning of God’s Word and his desire for them.  Using scriptures the author introduces us to God’s truths. 
 She articulates her points clearly and concisely, intertwining Biblical scriptures, history, and personal life experiences. She notes that working in agreeance to the Word of God is what brings success in your life. 
 “Overcome to Fulfill Your Purpose” is a book meant to help others through life’s challenges.  It is based on the author’s personal life experiences, trials, and clarifications relating to her upbringing and her Christian faith. She expresses the importance of working on life’s challenges in agreeance with the Word of God to bring success. To quote the author, “When the word of God is made applicable to your life’s issues, it can be effective in bringing healing, deliverance, and wholeness.”   
Offering practical and Biblical solutions for many of life’s problems, “Overcome to Fulfill Your Purpose” is truly an incredibly appropriate book that will lead one to seek morality, a godly mindset, and bring peace and success to their lives.   
“What you will find within this book brings about spiritual growth, encouraging unity in the Spirit from deep scriptural truths that convey the commands of Jesus in word and deed.” 
 “This is an interesting, inspirational, and encouraging read.”

Roxanne R.

Southergal Productions


You are on the right path, your ministry speaks to me. I just bless God for you, my friend. I pray that He will give you an overflow. Minister, motivational speaker, author, and graphics designer. Miss Natalee Henry, the #world #Jamaica and I appreciate you. 

Maurice T.

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So proud of you Minister Natalee. I endorse your work, especially Embracing Destiny. It has personally ministered to me. God bless you! 

Racquel J.


Natalee presents the bible in an in-depth and practical. The content can be taken from her books and applied directly to your life. She offers motivation and inspiration to her readers. Also, her humility as a person and diligence as a believer becomes evident in her delivery. I find her book to be the perfect picker-upper for the struggling believer. In addition to the bible, her books are essential reading material for everyone.thumbsup


Kadian Whyte Garibaldi

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