Jesus, The Passover Lamb

There are somethings I am sensing in my spirit that I can’t quite articulate into words but I know the Lord is speaking so I will try my best to relate it.

I have been hearing in my spirit that it is vital for it to rain during this season because the rain purifies the atmosphere and the earth. Rain is necessary for producing life on earth Isaiah 55.
I also sense that it is not a coincidence that the Coronavirus is passing through this season. What season I am talking about? The season of Passover. The Passover was instituted by God before the plague of the firstborn. It was then God told the children of Israel to put the blood of the Lamb on their doorpost, the two sides and the top so that when the angel of death comes to kill the firstborn in Egypt he would pass over their homes. Exodus chapter 12.

It was during the Passover season that Jesus was crucified. The bread and wine that Jesus gave to His disciples were elements of the Passover meal. The disciples understood what Jesus meant when He gave them the bread and wine as His body and blood that was to be broken for them because of the Passover, they understood the power of deliverance. Luke chapter 22.

Every time you and I partake of Communion we are actually partaking in the Passover meal. As we sit and wait for this virus to pass let us not forget Jesus our Passover Lamb for we are not without hope. As we reflect on the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross let us not forget that His blood was shed so that we might have life. It is staging for a great deliverance; Jesus didn’t just die on the cross but rose to victory three days later. It is because of this victory we too have confidence in God know that though the hour might seem dark there is a victory in Jesus our Passover Lamb. Let us not fear the worse that might happen but look forward to the victory we have in Him. It is only then will we be able to stand in power to be witnesses for Him and speak on His behalf.

We can liken the coronavirus as the angel of death as it passes through this season. It is a time for all believers to draw closer to God and for those who have yet to accept Jesus as their Savior, the Passover Lamb to do so because we are promised life in Him. Remember, the children of Israel we present in Egypt for all ten plagues but they were not affected. If God chose to protect His people then, why would it be any different today? The Bible tells us that He changes not. He has provided the Lamb for life is Jesus, let us part take of the Passover and remember our great deliverance and deliverer, Yeshua HaMashiach!!

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