Welcome to the home of Season Destiny where you are always “Empowered to Make the Right Decisions in Life.” Season Destiny is from my first two books Seasons of Life and Embracing Destiny. In “Seasons of Life-Taking Man Back to God” I use the four natural seasons to teach about our spiritual condition with God and what Yeshua (Jesus) did in order to restore our relationship with our heavenly Father. “Embracing Destiny” shares a powerful message of discovering the person who God created to you to be.  Season Destiny is also a reminder to me of the plan and purpose of God for my life. Through my writing and teachings I use what God has taught me through His word and life experiences to be able to empower others to make the right decisions in life. READ MORE




Discovering the Hebrew Roots of Our Christian Faith Series

Hebrew Roots, what is it? I have been on this amazing journey of learning the Hebrew roots of my Christianfaith. I invite you to take you on this journey with me. LEARN MORE


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